About Us

Swamy is your one-stop snack centre for the freshest and delicious South Indian delicacies.


Our Story

Where It All Began

South Indian Cuisine is a favourite across the country, and at Swamy, we serve exactly that! With years of experience in the hotel industry, we aspire to serve the freshest, most delectable South Indian food to you. Right from crispy hot Dosas and Steamy Uttapams, to the best of the best Sambar, Rasam and Bisibele Rice, and of course, classic filter Kaapi to go with – we promise you a tasty experience that is as South Indian as it gets!

With a management team that has amassed over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand what our customers desire every step of the way. We bring to you super tasty meals that are always hot and fresh at the best prices.


What We Offer

Fresh Food

If it’s from us, it’s fresh. We ensure that each morsel that you take is freshly made.

Fresh Ingredients

From the batter to the chutneys to the pulses, everything is processed fresh to churn out the dishes.

Tasty Meals

Taste is something which is central to everything we serve. We ensure that it wins your heart.

Creative Chefs

Our chefs keep experimenting with cuisine and keep adding zing to the regular menu.

Authentic Cuisine

Few food items are best cooked in the traditional manner and we never take a chance with those.

Classic Filter Kaapi

We also serve hot and fresh filter kaapi, all frothy and steaming as you like it!