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Crore worth Current QSR Market in India

Crores worth QSR market in next 5 years


Growth as Compound Annual Growth Rate
Why Swamy?

What We Offer

With You

We are looking forward to work with like-minded business partners to make brand SWAMY built to last. Our offer of quality food at reasonable pricing is something which is found interesting by most investors. Should you feel connected to our business and the philosophy, we would love to welcome you to the ever-growing SWAMY family.

Why Us?

Franchising is a time tested and considered as the best suited business model for expansion of B2C businesses in India. We have embarked on an expansion plan. Our team of experienced industry professionals are mandated to blend innovation and financial prudence to create a path breaking financial franchise model that caters to the growth of all the elements within the ecosystem.

For You

Our franchise model is based on 2 critical value systems we follow – Fairness and Equity. It revolves around 3 critical attributes – Performance, Customer centricity and Quality. A SWAMY franchise should be willing to commit to these parameters in order to run a sustainable and scalable business and so we said like-minded!

Join us

Want to join the bandwagon and try your hand at serving some lip-smacking South Indian food? Hop in and we will ensure that you set up the franchise with ease by our solid support and handholding. It’s easier if you are already a South Indian food fan, else we can always convert you to one! We welcome you to join us in our exciting journey of growth and success.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation!

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